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Available globally on Amazon now, also in a Kindle version.
So far nothing but good reviews and it has been a nice project. A good gift! Buy two!

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A final cover featuring a picture by one of the most amazing and neglected artists of the Victorian era Sir Hubert von Herkomer. The picture "Gwenddydd and Her Dog" is of his daughter in 1910. The amazon one is slightly different to this but still good.

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It's not the actual writing of the stories that is difficult. That just flows and is either there or it isn't. The problem comes when all of that information is typed and you go back over it to realise that it's not is a specifically understood language. It's generally written in colloquial rough dialog form with endless mistyped and repeated words. The job then starts of making it into something tidy and hopefully understood by a majority. It takes bloody ages!

This has been an interesting exercise writing stories. Telling them is OK over beer or two and repeating the bits that cause absent faces but writing them? My respect to authors who have to try to do this for a living! Then it's a case of having something and then trying to sell it in a very overcrowded and sceptical market place….

The latest mock up for the paperback edition that will end up on Amazon some time later next month I believe. The lady on the left is Lady Hallé who features a little bit in some of the text about Asolo in Italy.

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I write stories. Mostly these are to be used as Melodramas for performance as scripts with music. It's a bit of a waste if they stay on a shelf (or a hard drive) awaiting performance so, soon there will be a volume of 10 or so of them ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Drop me a line if you want to be informed when it will be available.

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Boy this is difficult to explain and not sound too whacky!

Firstly I would have to demolish most preconceptions that a majority of people have about the "job" of composer. It's something I have always wanted to do as a profession but, sadly, the profession, as such, doesn't really exist.

I've been lucky enough, gratefully, to have been supported by many friends and musicians and some people who qualify as both, to have been able, even for amounts of money, to write pieces for various ensembles and players. The rest have been done out of just plain love for the genre and financed out of other sources of income.

There are only limited places where music can make a return financially. The ones that deal with any amount of players over say the number of four or five you can forget. I've tried, done it all, sold scores in small quantities, written pieces on commission and even for free for the benefit of publicity. If you don't have a job that gives you access to resources, like being a university professor or something, it gets expensive to hear ones own pieces played, let alone recorded.

There is a lot of competition and most of it is dead and to be honest probably far better than I will ever be. I don't want to claim to be better frankly. I do what I do and I trust that because I do it honestly and progress through life as a result, that it will have some worth.

So, what to do? Well, OINK I was a hoot, it was born out of frustration more than art. Well researched, YouTube statistics suggested that 48 seconds was the average attention span of a viewer and art itself doesn't get the views. Whacky titles and a bit of straight faced comedy does.

Not wanting to insult the informed - however :-) Now I will attempt to raise funding for my projects using the more odd aspects of online life, rubber pigs in popular places for example, to drag the interest maybe towards something worthwhile. In any case, my relationship with the latex pig needs renewing… watch this space for OINK 2!
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