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AGM TSS1 Three Speaker Stereo Processor

am digital arts GmbH - Licensed from Trifield UK

Analog stereo to three channel processor for use in post production as well as live venues.
Now an accepted MUST in post production and live sound. Available as a software version for Windows 98/NT/2000 only.

This product has been developed by AGM since 1998 as a neat solution for reformatting stereo over three channels in live sound. Soon afterwards however, the TSS became popular with film post-production studios for making LCR versions of stereo music for example. Many other applications for this technology have underlined the increasing popularity of these units.

The process itself is patented and that of the late Michael Gerzon and is licensed patented technology from Trifield. It offers a better listening area than standard stereo and many other advantages.

There are two versions of the TSS:

1. TSS1-D D standing for Delay, a centre channel delay board is present and configured via a Windows programme and a connection to the RS232 connector on the rear of the unit. SOLD OUT

2. TSS1-S S being for Simple and without delay, mostly for studio applications centre channel delay can be added in a mixing situation. The processing can be bypassed by shorting two of the pins on the RS232 which is otherwise diabled in these units. STOCK less than 10 units remaining, please call for ex-demo deals.

TSS1-D Versions are currently SOLD OUT

Current users include:

BavariaFilm Studios Munich, Germany, GiesingTeam, Post, Munich, Germany, Sound ‘n Picture, Post, Berlin, ARRI Studios, Post, Munich, (2 Units), RuhrSound Post, Dortmund, Geyer Synchron, Berlin, Peter Flamman, Post, Holland, Pacific Ocean Post , Los Angeles, USA, Atlantic Post, Anthony Faust, London, UK, AudioSonic, Berlin, Live hire. d&b Audiotechnik, Live, Germany and Denmark, Interstage Denmark, Schlossfestspiele Karlsruhe, Classical Festival, Germany. WDR, West Deutsche Rundfunk, broadcaster, Germany. Pssound Inc. Ontario, Canada, Royal Opera House Covent Garden and some other 70 users...
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