vBulletin statistic
  • Clarinet Concerto commission "Palaeography" completed.
  • Quartet commission for Vienna Trombone Quartet Japan Tour
  • Anthony G Morris: "Three Aperitifs" for Vibraphone, Violin, Viola and Cello recorded
  • Sextet for Wind Quintet and Harp completed - Premier Juilliard NY Apr.2014
  • USA Premiere for NODUS I - International Trumpet Guild 2013 Congress
  • "I've had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it." --Groucho Marx.
hand music page
agm digital arts manages publishing and rights issues of classical composers and multi-media artists. One of these is Anthony Gustav Morris (see links to compositions on the right).
We create and manage many projects. This section deals with activities that are current - recordings - live events and developments that are ongoing.
There is also a section that deals with past projects.
We also design products and offer consultancy for other companies. Projects range from software design and programming, microphone system design and development, audio systems, surround sound systems for large venues and replay environments for educational usage. Including ambisonic microphones.
agm has a sales department for high quality audio equipment. We are specialised in the discrete supply of complete systems to projects of celebrity clients.
agm digital arts GmbH is a media consulting and project management company.
Not only do we develop and manufacture a specialist line of surround sound accessories and processors but are also active in developing systems and software for other companies. We additionally manage, produce and generally make possible many events and projects that are very specialised and fascinating in their diversity. We have helped many clients get exactly what they want and importantly, what they need.
agm digital arts GmbH è una società che si occupa di consulenze e progetti amministrativi.
Non solo sviluppiamo e fabbrichiamo una speciale linea di accessori per impianti surround e processori ma siamo anche attivi nei sistemi di sviluppo e software per altre aziende. Inoltre dirigiamo, produciamo e rendiamo attuabili numerosi eventi e progetti che sono specializzati e affascinanti nella loro diversità. Abbiamo aiutato molti clienti ad ottenere esattamente ciò a cui miravano e, soprattutto, ciò di cui necessitavano.
Die Firma agm digital arts GmbH befasst sich mit Medienberatung und Projektmanagement.
Wir befassen uns nicht nur mit der Entwicklung und Herstellung einer für Spezialisten ausgelegten Serie von Surround Sound Zubehör und Prozessoren, sondern sind auch aktiv an der Entwicklung von Systemen und Software für andere Firmen beteiligt. Außerdem planen, veranstalten und ermöglichen wir Veranstaltungen und Projekte, die in ihrer Vielfältigkeit sehr spezialisiert und faszinierend sind. Wir haben bereits vielen Kunden zu genau dem verholfen, was sie wollten und was noch wichtiger ist: zu dem, was sie brauchen.
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