Concert Piece for Tuba, Trombone and Marimba

“The Bike”

Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris

Commission for :

Jon Sass (International Soloist) Tuba,
Dietmar Küblböck (First Trombone Vienna Philharmonic)
Thomas Lechner (Solo Percussionist Vienna Philharmonic) Marimba.
Ref: AGM-2011-10-01
Commission (Jon Sass)
8 Minutes

Status: Score and parts available (rental)

Tuba, Trombone, Marimba with the narration part (a joke) for the Tuba player.
First Performance: IBischofshofen, Austria 20-Aug-2011
Available Media:

Video from Concert with subtitles

Anthony Gustav Morris: THE BIKE for Tuba, Trombone and Marimba from Anthony Gustav Morris on Vimeo.

PLEASE USE THE SUBTITLES (you will understand why).

From a concert in Bischofshofen Austria. The brief was to provide an entertaining piece that gave the players also a bit of a rest in a very heavy concert program. Emphasis being on entertainment and also something that these guys could almost sight-read. Seeing as Jon Sass is one of the best known Tuba soloists worldwide and Dietmar Küblböck being solo trombone player of the Vienna Philharmonic and his colleague Thomas Lechner being also a soloist in the same orchestra I did make it a bit difficult to sightread not wanting to insult their expertise. Dietmar got the giggles I believe half way through mostly at Jon telling a joke in his non-native tongue about bigamy in a Catholic church. Not exactly serious art but we had some fun. Sorry about the impromptu recording quality and lack of lighting for the video.