Oratorio for 18 Instruments, Soloists and Tape

“The Myth”

Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris

"The Myth" is a musical encapsulation of texts from some of the world’s many hundreds of theories describing the creation of the earth and humanity set within a musical soundscape.
Ref: AGM-2009-02-03
Commission (Anon)
35 Minutes

Status: In development
10 Scenes and Variations based on a common misunderstanding.
A piece for 18 Solo Instruments, Actor and Tape

Project Outline

Almost every religion and society has a story about how we came to be on this planet. The theories of creation are abundant and varied. Logic dictates that they cannot all be correct and it is naturally equally possible that none of them are accurate.

"The Myth" extracts statements from a selection of stories and compiles a mosaic of, for a western audience, some unlikely as well as some more acceptable statements. The narrative can seem sensible and also absurd. What is certain is that humanity does have a stronger opinion about some than about others. Why is this? Even the most unlikely stories come from civilisations and beliefs that have intelligence and survive on this planet as we do.

"The Myth" is prepared and composed to carry an essence of comparative texts and form a sometimes amusing and sometimes even astounding rendition of what some inhabitants of this planet truly believe and even take for granted.

The aim is not to ridicule any religious beliefs but to set a combination of basic concepts alongside each other and show the variety that an intelligent and thinking community can come up with in order to explain the nature of creation and simply being here. Although the source of “inspiration” for the text is given, it is important to state that quoting these out of context can be offensive to believers who may recognise their most precious beliefs as being handled in this manner. Thus any reference to sources should be omitted. This is a piece that supplies the context for the text in itself within the context of this piece alone.

The ten variations are therefore extracts, completely out of context and should prompt the imagination and the thinking of the audience perhaps to question the context of their own beliefs.

Each text excerpt is set within a soundscape to allow a theatrical enhancement of concepts that are seen as truth by some and fantasy by others. These are interspersed with instrumental episodes that reflect the general mood of the text and feature solo instruments for audible and visual variety. The combination of text, supporting soundscape, solo instruments and general accompaniment is on the one hand a meaningful endeavour to provoke thought and on the other, entertainment.

The narrative is written for a dramatic actor or actress as a vocal declamatory line over an accompaniment from the musicians that underscores as well as intersperses and enhances the narrated ideas. Solo instruments carry over atmospheric background ambience and instrumental accompaniment.
First Performance: In preparation
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