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Tonepoem for Orchestra and Wind Quintet

“Like a Lovely Suitor I”

Composer: Anthony Gustav Morris

Ref: AGM-2009-11-01
Commission (Anon)
17 Minutes
Three Movements

Status: Score and parts available (rental)

A Concerto for Chamber Orchestra featuring Wind Quintet as soloists. 5 solo wind players (wind quintet, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon) with Harp, Percussion and Strings.
The title refers to the first line of the standard translation of the dramatic poem of Stanislav Neuvold 1802-1894 (known as the Transylvanian Tennyson in some academic circles) written in 1892 in his native Romania. "Like a lovely suitor, I, awake in the world of longing, hidden amongst unrevealed dreams and broken promises", the story follows the transformation of the main character Selmond from a youthful energetic but somewhat shy dreamer into a wiser older character. The various episodes that Neuvold describes in the poem have been compared in form to a youthful version of a Don Quixote as Selmond always refers to his companion and fellow traveller Bartsch, a lowly born man servant who unknowingly to Selmond reports back continually in rhyming couplets to Selmond's guardian Herold.
First Performance: In preparation
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